Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – My New Gadget


As an avid apple fan. I have been a long time admirer of apple products. But recently i had enough money and choose the robot keeping the fruit away. I am in need of a phone i had war going inside my head whether it is Apple or Android. Then what the hell, thought of buying a iPad and so its going to be a Droid phone finally

So my choice was clear that it going to be the green robot. So what next? Which phone?

Samsung HTC Motorola Micromax? Whoa.. Lot to choose from.

Finally broke down to Samsung Grand. So when i comparing features in Grand i had a indefinite love to the worlds best droid phone the Samsung Note 2. But after some googling put a Credit Card EMI on Samsung Galaxy note 2 and purchased it online.

What does this beast has?

1. S Pen Stylus – This is the amazing feature of this beast. It nearly does some magic which will raise your friends eyebrows with text coming from their mouth is WOW!

Drawing anything you think of and share it with anything. Inclusion of this drawing with Calendar, Drawing Maps, drawing with photos make this device much more cooler.

2. The next big question you wanna answer when someone sees your Note2 is “How do you keep that phone in your pocket” And the answer is “Yeah it is kinda big but it definitely fit in your jean packet”. When considering the features the Big Size thing is worth.

3. Camera – Is just awesome with 8 MP worth for a phone.

4. Excellent screen resolution makes your phone look like a Tablet.

5. Everything is Big. Isn’t that enough for you guys. Camera, Photos, Videos, Websites that really makes my iPod very smaller when i hold it.

6. Then comes the big thing with Android Ice-cream Sandwich. It has its own awesomeness.

Full Specifications


Samsung galaxy Note 2 Worth as your 11th finger.

The Backpack

So now a days rate of digital equipment’s for person increasing at exponential rate. Where people carry machines like work phone, personal phone, iPod, office laptop,  personal laptop, a tablet and the list goes on. So i measure these gadgets in backpack with the length of the wires that they need to use these silicon machines. Probably my digital equipment measure is 25meters/backpack(That includes my dell charger, macbook pro charger, iPod Touch cables, Samsung Android cables, A spike buster).

Last week a backpack fiasco emerged after Steve Wozniak(Steve Jobs friend who cofounded Apple) opened his backpack to the whole world of what he carries in it. After seeing his backpack you can absolutely say this guy is a tech-loving-silicon-friendly-mobile-fanatic-digital-freak. This guy carries around a ton of digital crap with a lot of iOS and android in it. I can measure his digital equipment rate as 500meters/backpack.

So this is his comment on his backpack

Steve Wozniak

Some mornings I open my email and I receive something incredible like this: the awesome contents of Steve Wozniak’s backpack. What you see above (click to expand) is just his charging setup—there’s even more! Here’s Woz to explain it himself—J.

You might think this is abnormal for me but, to the contrary, it’s customary.

Every extension cord and USB adapter and USB cable shown here I carry all the time in my backpack with a few exceptions:

• one Belkin AC tripler with dual USB I carry in my suitcase
• one dual USB adapter is from Janet’s travel stuff
• Canon battery charger is carried in the camera bag
• firewire HD I carry in my suitcase
• Verizon 3G mifi adapter (standard micro USB screws up this mifi, have to use their awkward connecter)

Almost every USB cable is retractable.

Every device shown, I carry in my pockets or in my backpack all the time except:

• 2 iPhones, an iPod nano and an iPad belonging to Janet.

Some people ask how heavy my backpack is. There are a lot more things in my backpack including

• the AirPort Express and MacBook Pro 85W magsafe adapter, which are out of sight in this photo,
• bluetooth mouse,
• binoculars,
• projector connectors,
• multiple Gameboy Lights (a Gameboy sold in Japan but never in the U.S.),
• Gameboy link cables,
• plenty of foreign AC adapters,
• prism glasses for watching movies in bed,
• sunglasses,
• earplugs for concerts,
• Ultimate Ears UE18 earplugs for flights,
• Gameboy link cable,
• tons of pencils for pencil games on flights,
• tons of pens,
• tons of sharpies,
• tons of paint pens (signing),
• red-blue-purple-yellow-green laser pointers,
• credit cards,
• hotel cards,
• airline cards,
• hard rock card,
• medical cards,
• small accessories like olloclip iPhone lens adapter,
• Square,
• flash keys,
• flash media adapters,
• cigarette lighter dual USB adapter,
• audio doubler cable,
• iPad USB/SD Card adapters,
• toiletries for hotels,
• batteries of many types (AA, AAA, CR2, CR128, odder types for things like my bag beeper for locating my suitcase)
• eyedrops,
• $2 bill pads,
• pencil puzzles,
• itineraries for upcoming travel…

I usually say that my backpack weighs 50 pounds. I’m not sure but I have to carry it every step through airports. I’m sure that I’m shorter now than before and I don’t walk as fast. Everything has its place in my backpack.

Sometimes TSA takes a long time unpacking it. A couple of times they asked me to take out everything electronic and I asked for seven bins, all of which I filled (only 2 half-size), plus my MacBook Pro, plus the bag. All of that through the X-ray machine. Then repack it.

Nothing in my backpack goes unused, although the bluetooth mouse is close.

So whats yours?

Angry Birds blasts off to Space

Its time to say to your friends.. Hey did you just play the new Angry Birds Space.

For those guys who are I-M-Tired-of-Angry-Birds, Bored-of-Angry-Birds, Nothing-Interesting-In-Angry-Birds. I can tell you one thing. ON YOUR FACE. By far this is one hell of a mobile game they put your index finger to work on.

This time Rovio fully catapulted its focus on the concept rather on birds and characters. Whats most amazing thing is the concept of gravity with the speed. They catapult the birds from different planets and the gravity says Oh O you just aimed it wrong. All you should look to differentiate is the 9.8meter/second into 9.8 touchandhold/second. :p

I was amazed to see a Super Mario thing. Yes there was a level where the bird hit a rock and a pig pops out like mario’s mushroom and moves like it towards end of wall. I just smirked and looking for anyone to tell this small amazing action.

Apart from that the graphics, characters and extra super powers adds extra freakishness to the app. Golden eggs are transformed into golden asteroids. You get a deja-vu when playing the golden asteroid level where the master ship with the villain pigs on it and you have to hit it with the power gun(here the birds) from the bottom. Its just cranky.

Only thing which makes it not-so-good is the sprites. That is the bird sizes and the game zone length. The birds seems to be to small when you play in a mobile device. Ahh What the hell this concept is awesome. Go Nuts.

Fruit   Robot

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Titanium Appcelerator – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So developers here we go.

You probably heard this word Titanium or Appcelerator when you want to go for a Hybrid app development. That is you want to create once and have to deploy the app in both Android market and Apple appstore.

So i have jumped into this TA and had a experience with it and found its good, bad and ugliest features.

The Good Part

If this is the question – One time development and multiple platform deployment? The answer for it is the TA. The beauty of TA is that it does not use resource files to create a webview based app(Like Phonegap) instead it uses javascript notation and creates a native(iOs or droid) compatible files which can be compiled by thier native compilers.

This thing also accepts all basic native controls(Tableviews, Switch) each respective to their platforms supporting features like accelerometer, GPS, Push Notification manager etc.

Modules. Modules are the codes that we develop in native way and insert it into our TA app. For example you can add a module like Map that shows routes from one point to another point. This(Drawing Routes in Map) cannot be done in TA so it has a option to create that module in native and include it inside the app.

The Bad Part

If you think of a very small app just with small amount data with less than 10 screens and very little amount data from services, you are good to go with TA. But if you take a huge complex app then you have to face a lot of consequences at the end maintaining the app. These TA guys have been saying the memory has been fixed and i am not sure how far they have fixed.

If you are a iPhone programmer then you would probably miss the sexy, freaky, funky Xcode IDE’s animating breakpoints, pragma markings, helvetica font, Interface builders, finding methods, auto suggestions. I kinda miss them in Titanium IDE.

The thing I found in my experience is it takes more time to debug and deploy the code.

The Ugly Part

There are lot of Let-Me-Punch-My-Face, Why-I-Choose-Titanium, This-Is-Driving-Crazy situations  when i worked with Titanium.

Each time I quit the simulator and run the build there is a iOS simulator process accumulating on the physical memory(RAM) after some 5 to 6 hours of coding what ever you do the simulator wont run and only solution is to restart the system.

You have a lot of traceback issues and there is no accurate solution for it. Only hope for me is to close Titanium IDE and start again or to restart the whole system.

The documentation is so worthless all you know is properties and event listeners. The explanations are so bad.

The Climax

As a developer i really appreciate Titanium for creating this hybrid app development. By far i can tell you that this the best hybrid app development tool around the mobile nerds.

And there is always the but

So if you have a project that is very simple. You can go for TA. If you want a app that has complex functionality then I would advice you to go in native way.