Whats new in The new iPad

So here we are. World’s hottest gadget is out and what’s interesting in that piece of silicon junk.

Its no exceptional from all other i products from the apple creating rumors and thoughts about it. finally its all answered. This time apple gave away a simple symbolic image for the not-so-ordinary apple fans. A keynote, maps and calendar icon which spread a lot of rumor. But it all said the event takes place in apple headquarters on march 7(Wednesday) which is going to be a keynote presentation.

The new iPad Event

Let us come to the OMG part of the new iPad.

Retina The thing which we all know the most is Retina display giving a amazing resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels. These guys are absolutely amazing in packing the pixels very tightly. Makes the display astonishingly amazing to use it see it and feel it

iSight Camera So apple finally gave the iPad the second eye behind the head with a powerful tech. These are some the words to admire you. 5Megapixel, 1080p, face detection.

iPhoto This time the amazing app award goes to iPhoto. This amazing piece of app is going to push all other freaking photo editing tool apps behind the bar.

Fast If you have the fastest working handheld device in your hand then probably you will end with all basic network connectivity. that’s what the new iPad gives you 4G LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and other teckie stuffs with amazing networking speeds. Apple’s A5  chip is the fastest processor in a handheld device makes it even sexier.

Moving pictures are more clearly expressed than words. That’s why i would recommend you to watch the apple’s new ipad video


It’s ok guys now start rumors for the next i thing. Whats in iOS6?

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