Funny-Interesting-Humorous iPod Screenshots

Accidents always happen and to make that into really interesting idea is absolutely fun. So i was operating my iPod and accidentally took a screenshot. Then i found out that screenshot was really funny and so this idea emerged from my brain that posting funny screenshots in my blog. So here is my thoughts on screenshots

1. I ran pretty good. Check out my distance 😉 Screenshot inside Screenshot.

2. Thats how i manipulate my apps

3. I think its awesome to keep like this now stop using my ipod and get lost

4. Just look deep this is a different screenshot. Found out the abnormality?

5. Thats in the order of my communication.

6. I got something to do daily

7. Extremely addicted to this. Did you ever tried and completed this.

8. Hate when i get this.

9. As a iPhone app developer this is one of the best apps ever made.

10. My city. Hot as Hot at noon Cold as Cold in eve.

11. Thats how to take a picture without taking a photo in iPod. Screenshoto!!

12. 😉

13 Took a total of 19 takes to take this screenshot at 0.0 level tilting my iPod. Then realized there is a Hold button :p

14. The screenshot says..

Angry Birds blasts off to Space

Its time to say to your friends.. Hey did you just play the new Angry Birds Space.

For those guys who are I-M-Tired-of-Angry-Birds, Bored-of-Angry-Birds, Nothing-Interesting-In-Angry-Birds. I can tell you one thing. ON YOUR FACE. By far this is one hell of a mobile game they put your index finger to work on.

This time Rovio fully catapulted its focus on the concept rather on birds and characters. Whats most amazing thing is the concept of gravity with the speed. They catapult the birds from different planets and the gravity says Oh O you just aimed it wrong. All you should look to differentiate is the 9.8meter/second into 9.8 touchandhold/second. :p

I was amazed to see a Super Mario thing. Yes there was a level where the bird hit a rock and a pig pops out like mario’s mushroom and moves like it towards end of wall. I just smirked and looking for anyone to tell this small amazing action.

Apart from that the graphics, characters and extra super powers adds extra freakishness to the app. Golden eggs are transformed into golden asteroids. You get a deja-vu when playing the golden asteroid level where the master ship with the villain pigs on it and you have to hit it with the power gun(here the birds) from the bottom. Its just cranky.

Only thing which makes it not-so-good is the sprites. That is the bird sizes and the game zone length. The birds seems to be to small when you play in a mobile device. Ahh What the hell this concept is awesome. Go Nuts.

Fruit   Robot

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