Best 0.99$ Games worth Buying in iPhone

Angry Birds Space

As a personal AB fan this space is worth playing for almost 30 hours of gameplay. With their new world space, new birds, new super powers  this game is always the best mobile game. No need of more info get out and play that.

Cut the Rope

Omnom is a beautiful creature loves to eat candies. But how to feed it? You just have to Cut the Rope. With this amazing creative glossy user interface, pass through levels with spiders, spikes, sliders and of-course the ropes to feed the candy to omnom. If you finished this game and got addicted you do a experiment with Cut the Rope Experiments.

Where is my Water

You have a friendly crocodile here named Swampy who really loves to take bath. So whats your task is to give enough water to swampy to take bath. With extrordinary water effects, gears, pipes, acids you can time pass a lot in here with a little bit of usage from your brain.

Tiny Wings

One sentence for you. This is the iPhone Game of the year awarded by Apple. Then why don’t you buy it. Your target is to pass the bird to as many as islands by swooping through the curved plains. Though very simple it is pretty addictive.

Blueprint 3D

This is by far the best 3D app. Yet you dont need 3D glasses to play. It just renders any real life object into pieces and lines in 3 dimension and you have to fit the piece together to form the object by some swipes and rotates. The user interface is simply the best.

Cut the Buttons

Here comes my multitouch master game. This game you have to use two of your fingers(Your Thumb and Indexfinger) to hold the scissors. Then you will be given a array of clothes with buttons on it. Now start cutting the buttons before the clothes disappear with the buttons. Dont try to cut the steel button you may trigger a quake.

Fruit Ninja

Combination of chinese ninja style kungfu and colorful fruits makes this a great addictive app for kids. Simple mission, you cut these juicy fruits when it pops out. Beware of the deadly bombs or you end up loosing the game. Get your eyes on three different type of games to juice up your phone.

Slice It

You can become a real mathematical engineer here. Slice the squares rectangles polygons and many other shapes to split it equally. Simple but mathematically addictive. Worth buying for time-passing on your 11 finger.

Doodle Jump

Jump, Jump and Jump again on the bars to levitate the doodle up in the air. With accelerometer comes to focus on moving our hands left and right, this game is quite thrilling.

Bike Baron

Those who have played some of the monster trucks rally bikes in small flash games you would love this app. The exciting bike stunts, collectibles with time limit you will not put your phone aside. Start applying some torque to this game.

Flight Control

You are controlling the airfield you have constant planes incoming to your field so guide them safely to the base. Thats all you have to do, except it gets tuff when time goes as lots of planes comes to your base. Its all about tackling the path. Don’t make the call MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY we are being Hit.

Rail Maze

Trains! Interesting vehicle in the world. You can do something with that in this app You guide them to destinations with tweaking some the ledges, moving the tracks and completing the path. If not you could derail some trains so don’t make the Unstoppable Stoppable.

As a gamer would love your choice of apps. Please comment if you have your best iPhone games.

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Angry Birds blasts off to Space

Its time to say to your friends.. Hey did you just play the new Angry Birds Space.

For those guys who are I-M-Tired-of-Angry-Birds, Bored-of-Angry-Birds, Nothing-Interesting-In-Angry-Birds. I can tell you one thing. ON YOUR FACE. By far this is one hell of a mobile game they put your index finger to work on.

This time Rovio fully catapulted its focus on the concept rather on birds and characters. Whats most amazing thing is the concept of gravity with the speed. They catapult the birds from different planets and the gravity says Oh O you just aimed it wrong. All you should look to differentiate is the 9.8meter/second into 9.8 touchandhold/second. :p

I was amazed to see a Super Mario thing. Yes there was a level where the bird hit a rock and a pig pops out like mario’s mushroom and moves like it towards end of wall. I just smirked and looking for anyone to tell this small amazing action.

Apart from that the graphics, characters and extra super powers adds extra freakishness to the app. Golden eggs are transformed into golden asteroids. You get a deja-vu when playing the golden asteroid level where the master ship with the villain pigs on it and you have to hit it with the power gun(here the birds) from the bottom. Its just cranky.

Only thing which makes it not-so-good is the sprites. That is the bird sizes and the game zone length. The birds seems to be to small when you play in a mobile device. Ahh What the hell this concept is awesome. Go Nuts.

Fruit   Robot

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